Agree on why and what before figuring out the how

50/50 on new ideas and reviewing work in progress

Your ideas for how to put first things first, please.

Repeatable processes for comparable results

“As a software, I need to know the data model so that I can provide a corresponding UI widget”

Drupal 8 has a redesigned content creation page. This is how it came to be.

Lets make better things.

Drupalcon Denver UX Redux

Recapping some of the main UX related discussions and topics from Drupalcon Denver:


Dries expressed his desire to win the hearts and minds of people with Drupal 8.
Hangover spot or not, that’s exactly what Luke Wroblewski did during his Mobile first keynote with an engaging mix of poignant statistics and some plain funny jokes. Luke returning back to the stage to allow for some extra questions in person was a nice gesture too.

Design grunt work

Proposals for changing Drupal UI and UX are heavily scrutinized (as are all other changes) once they hit the issue queue for implementing them. To keep discussions on track and prevent “opinion wars”, it helps to bring some solid research.

I’m excited to see more people taking the time and effort to provide exhaustive overviews documenting specific parts of the Drupal user interface. For example: