Hire me to work on Drupal core

Evolve Drupal 8, faster

There’s an unprecedented opportunity to quickly add and evolve critical features and usability improvements to Drupal 8. We can ship new things every 6 months. The amount of change we accomplish depends for a large part on clearly defined goals and a clear path to get there.
I volunteer about 4 to 8 hours a week on Drupal core ux work doing just that. Would love to do more.
If you are waiting for Drupal 8 to have things like better media capabilities, content workflow tools, a better Field UI, a smoother onboarding process and the like, I can help make that happen faster.
The deal: a €3000,- per month retainer gets you a solid 30 hours of design making, decision taking, issue wrangling, people connecting, task defining and all that’s necessary to get things done. Contact me if that sounds like a plan.

Why me?

  • Close to 10 years of working on Drupal UX. Experience helps moving things along.
  • I translate and clarify, bridging and translating between different perspectives, roles and priorities
  • Which helps make the necessary design trade-offs and provide direction
  • Clear design direction frees developers to actually go for it, reducing risk of working on the wrong thing.
  • Rebooted twice weekly UX meetings, productive on both strategic and tactical levels, getting more people to succesfully contribute.

No really, why me?

  • Bootstrapped Drupal UX team in 2007, contributing ever since
  • Top 30 contributor to Drupal 7
  • Helped redesign content creation page in Drupal 8.0
  • Helped ship the Place Block MVP for Drupal 8.2
  • Clarified what’s happening in the Workflow Initiative, designed some critical parts of the user interface so that content moderation tools could ship with Drupal 8.2
  • Helped define, refine and implement the new approach for shipping new features in Drupal 8.x

What’s in it for you?

  • Together we’ll define a plan for what to work on. You get what you need in Drupal 8, sooner
  • I’m sure we can figure something out around issue credits so that they are in your name
  • Bragging rights for doing the right thing!
  • I’ll write 2 blog post per month, crediting you and reporting on achievements and progress.

All in all, I can help ship more Drupal goodness, faster by clarifying and designing what’s next. If that is something you want to support, contact me and lets talk.