Drupal UX meeting, 13 September 2016

“Kevin, talk sample content to me”

Another fun live hangout with Drupal UX peoples. We review and discuss current issues and provide feedback or guidance where needed. These hangouts are recorded and available on YouTube. I try to link to the right segment in the recording when updating issues with team feedback.

Discussed today:

A separate queue for Ideas

I marked Agile process for bigger changes in core (Part A: Ideation) RTBC today. It’ll be open for final thoughts for a few more days. Looks like we’ll have a dedicated place to work through ideas soon.

Sort of like a Display Suite lite in core

Or as we say: Add ability for entity view modes to switch between two hard-coded layouts.
Eaton called it, this is very inside baseball, but adding layout options for arranging the fields in your content type is super exciting.

Media library design

We have an issue going that collects examples of media library features in other systems. Super useful. We (you!) can start sketching out Drupal specific user interface screens and flows now and post them there. (This is one of those issues that would start in the above mentioned Ideas queue).

Sample content

There’s Lee’s post about what it means to provide the tools that enable you to add your sample content to your flavour of Drupal installation. And then there’s adding some (hardcoded?) sample content to core itself, because, well, onboarding. Starting with the latter, that means figuring out what sample content to add in the first place.
The brand new Drupal user guide uses the example of a website for a farmer’s market. Wouldn’t it be great if our sample content and configuration would support that scenario? Yes, yes it would.