Content workflow initiative, the concept map

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Concept map of the content workflow initiative

Mapping out the moving parts of the content workflow initiative we arrived at this high level grouping of related activities:

  • Create content
  • Review & approve content
  • Publish content
  • Manage the creation, review and publishing process
  • Configure the tools that enable all of the above

For either single items of content or a set of multiple items, bundled in a workspace.

Create content

Everything related to creating new, editing existing content in the first place.


  • Author
  • Copy writer
  • Photo/image editor

Tasks & activities

  • Review assignments
  • Create content
  • Format content
  • Preview content
  • Request review
  • Edit content based on feedback
  • Review other people’s content
  • Review existing, live content

Review & approve content

All the things that need to happen to get new content ready for publication. Here’s a more elaborate example of a moderation workflow using a workspace.


  • Editor
  • Marketing associate
  • Archivist

Tasks & activities

  • Review content, give feedback
  • Edit content
  • Preview content
  • Get notified of content conflicts
  • Adapt content for different channels
  • Analyse impact of content changes
  • Review existing content
  • Recover content

Publish content

Actual publication of content and managing its life cycle from then on.


  • Section editor
  • Legal
  • Compliance

Tasks & activities

  • Define/specify content packages
  • Review content (packages)
  • Audit (legal, compliance)
  • Preview content
  • Approve revivisions
  • (un)publish content items
  • (un)publish content packages
  • Schedule (un)publishing of content
  • Archive/delete content

Manage content workflow

Set the strategic agenda, coordinate with other business units, oversee all of the above.


  • Managing editor
  • Marketing executive
  • Support & maintenance

Tasks & activities

  • Define content strategy
  • Content planning
  • Coordinate with the business
  • Coordinate with IT
  • Coordinate content delivery
  • Define content assignments
  • Schedule content production
  • Monitor progress
  • Review audit trail

Configure content workflow tools

Providing the tools and processes to enable all of the above.


  • Administrator
  • Developer

Tasks & activities

  • Configure workflows for content moderation
  • Configure content workspaces
  • CMS configuration: content types, roles & permissions, notification settings…
  • Technical development

Have a look at the visual definition of a workspace and a more fleshed out example of a moderation workflow as well.

Hope this helps clarify the main concepts, activities and relationships in the workflow initiative.