Denver, Drupalcon, Design

Not long until Drupalcon Denver kicks off. At least three days jam-packed with talks covering the full Drupal spectrum. As ever, with over 100 sessions on the schedule, the trick is to choose which sessions you want to attend.

If you are into design, ux, theming and/or general front-end awesomeness, the “Design & UX” and “Mobile” tracks are the ones to check out and pick your sessions from.

(Note: I’m a global chair for the Drupalcon Design and UX track)

Here’s a handy link to all 13 sessions in the Design and UX track. And here’s one is for all mobile sessions. Lots to learn from in there.

The main themes running through these tracks are nicely captured in their featured sessions:

But wait, there is indeed even more!

Consider these sessions about lean startup and customer development, learn about todays requirements for editorial workflows for big publishers, or get up to speed on the ins and outs of Drupal products.

And of course there’s a keynote to look forward to. On Thursday, Luke Wroblewski will show you why thinking mobile first really is the smart thing to do these days.

I’m looking forward to all of this. UX designers that want to meetup outside of the sessions, go chime in here. Hope to see you there!

(And one final plug: And if you’re not going to make it to Denver, check out this great front-end focussed Drupal conference in The Netherlands in April)