Coming up: the big usability lab test of Drupal 7

The University of Minnesota has graciously offered us another opportunity to gather data and insights from observing smart people using Drupal for the first time.

The two lab tests we did with Drupal 6 really brought home the fact that Drupal can be hard to wrap your head around. The community has responded with a drastically reworked Drupal 7 and next week will give us fresh insights on what we improved, what has become worse and which new problems are out there.

The plan

On May 17 and 18, eight participants will each spend 75 minutes working through tasks around building an event site, touching the essential basics of creating content, menu links, blocks and modules.

This test will be attended by community members including Drupal 7 co-maintainer, Angie Byron (webchick) and key members of the Drupal UX Team: Bojhan Somers (Bojhan), Brad Bowman (beeradb), Dharmesh Mistry (dcmistry), Jen Lampton (jenlampton), David Rothstein (David_Rothstein), Chad Fennell (cfennell) and Erika Stenrick (estenrick).

Initial results will be shared at Drupalcamp Twin Cities which happens right after testing on May 20 and 21, on and at Drupalcon London in august.

The results from this test will be invaluable in helping the community make better design decisions while building yet another best version of Drupal ever.

Make it happen

Improving the Drupal user experience is crucial to the long term succes of Drupal. Sponsoring this test is a great opportunity to express your support. Many individuals and corporate sponsors Acquia and Krimson already chipped in.

Will you?

Thank you!