27/28 June: Drupal 7 UX design and code sprint in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Design proposals for D7UX project are starting to show up as code in the issue queue for Drupal core. Actual implementation has started.

To give that effort another big boost, there will be a design and code sprint on the 27th and 28th of june in Utrecht, The Netherlands. We have two goals for this hands-on meeting:

- Get a lot of core patches in for the 80+ silly little usability fails that were found in usability tests. All these little issues amount to a lot of frustration for new users. Lets get these out of the way.

- Mark and Leisa are coming as well and will help us fix these smaller issues and align them within the over-arching proposals of the D7UX project framework.

We want to get some serious work done. Bojhan will post a list of issues and topics we will work on. We'll keep you posted on that.

The attendees list is already impressive but there‘s room for a few people more. If you feel you should be there too, let us know in the comments over on the event post or contact Philip "skilip" Vergunst.

Oneshoe.nl is generously providing their office space for hosting this sprint. Awesome.

I'm looking forward to getting good stuff done that weekend!