Sneak preview of the new Drupal UI for content creation

No it isn’t. But maybe it should be.

A white canvas with a blinking cursor or caret I think it is called.

I declared separate title and body fields old school in that previous post about removing friction. In the mean time, I’ve installed and tested a few Android applications for taking notes. There too it was an immediate turn-off to see a separate field for the note title. Let me write something first, I might think about naming it later. Often (in this note taking context) it’s not even really necessary. And so the first few words of the note becomes the title on the notes listing screen.

Even simply showing a label with, and a border around individual form fields is emphasizing the implementation model. Of course these elements are sometimes necessary affordances to show, but still:

animation of a first line of text getting typed, shown in big font. Return to the next line automatically reduces font size.

Using the first line in a body of text as its title seems like a sensible default. No need to be so literal and explicit about it and present separate input boxes for both.