Small steps towards POSSE

Adding RSS feeds to grafiek.royscholten

Couple of times now I succumbed (that’s how it feels) and started using some walled garden with its native app and ease of use. Soon after I start to regret it. Not only because of the walled garden factor itself but especially because of the nasty addictive patterns in there: notifications, likes, followers, comments. It’s nice to exchange pleasantries or run into somebody again (Hi Jim!), but it pushes neuro-buttons in an unhealthy way.

And so, there’s an abandoned collection of my prints on Tumblr and I already have second thoughts on the Instagram account I started a couple of weeks ago. At the very least the same stuff should be posted on a domain of my own.

All of which is to say that today I added some RSS links to should you want to follow from the open source.