Drupal UX notes week 45

10 weeks left until Drupal 8.5 hits alpha, which is the deadline for new features

Help system

How do you currently provide your clients with documentation, guidelines and how-to’s for creating content, managing their site? An improved system for writing topic based help instead of the current per module approach is seeing a flurry of activity.

UX meeting

During last weeks hangout we discussed ways to clarify the reset password process. Of course there’s always at least one related issue.

We were able to close “Add status and workflow state to page title block”. Finding out that an issue has been made redundant because of changes introduced elsewhere is progress too!

React it is, for now

After one of those special, extra passionate discussion threads the core JavaScript team will proceed using React as the framework to experiment with.

It’s useful to keep in mind that the goal is not to put a JavaScript framework in core. That is just a means to an end. The goal is to improve our administrative user interfaces.

How might we improve or redesign the Views UI? Fields UI? Design a scalable, performant UI for permissions? A more flexible toolbar? How might we let people create a new block or view from inside Settings Tray?

Would be good to start exploring possible designs in parallel to this technical discovery.

Core product

Core itself ships with a set of features of which only a subset is enabled by default. With some brand new features now marked stable we can choose to offer them right out of the box:

  1. Enable bigpipe. A turbo boost for loading and showing pages faster.
  2. Enable inline form errors. Indicates exactly which form input is missing or wrong, instead of generic message on top of the page.

Where are all the issues?

Just so you know, all issues that change the interface or otherwise impact the user experience are tagged “usability”. Proposals for new features and plans for big changes can be found in the Ideas queue.  Here’s another post with links to where you can find the action on all kinds of topics.