thumbnail collection of june 2012 posts on tumblr
4 handwritten index cards
Color reduced screengrab of youtube grid of recorded meetings
Wuivend gras in gouden avondzon
Concept map of the content workflow initiative
3 generic target audiences: individual, small group, everybody
iterate on the idea before implementation
Sketch of select list with different types of sites as part of the Drupal installer: social aggregator, my great portfolio, magazine in a box, super blog!, business presentation
Kleine pentekening
handwritten notes
diagram showing the main objects and their relationships in the views module architecture
Hand drawn diagram of how workspaces enable preparation of new content items
Hand drawn diagram
Detail of an abstract etching called Escape Velocity I
Hand drawn mindmap of ux work aspects
The handwritten notes for this post
Cynefin framework diagram
bubble diagram showing how small first time users perceive Drupal to be.
Collage van 3 snelle schetsen van het publiek, spreker en een scrum sprint diagram