Printing editions

There is very little creative in this part of the process.

Organize the working space. Materials ready, work the sequence

Two sides of the same tangled mess

Jackson Pollocks Number 14: grey

The very senior management thinker Charles Handy resorts to abstract art in an attempt to convey the complexity of the world today. Number 14: Grey by Jackson Pollock (pictured above) in his case. No obvious dials or levers, no one center of control.

Shippable units

Picture of pen on paper scribbles

So what’s with the daily blogging all of a sudden?

I took on the #yourturnchallenge, so thanks to @sethgodin and @winniekao for providing the initial prompt. I’d been journaling, free writing 750 words on and off. The #yourturnchallenge was a good trigger to practice finding the shippable units in those exercises.

It was interesting to see I settled on a process quickly:

nodal jazz

node |nəʊd| noun technical

  1. a point in a network or diagram at which lines or pathways intersect or branch. the intersections of two or more such arteries would clearly become major nodes of traffic and urban activity.
  2. a piece of equipment, such as a computer or peripheral, attached to a network. the company’s internal worldwide area network now has some 22,000 nodes. every node on the Internet.
  3. Mathematics a point at which a curve intersects itself.

How to make design in open source happen

Designers that want to get involved in open source projects:

  • Don’t burst through the door and start yelling that you’re all doing it wrong. That might be true, but things were not made to suck on purpose.
  • Instead, ease in. Find out where the daily conversation happens. Join and start asking questions. “Why is this working like this?”
  • Usability tests are an ideal way to show which things need improvement.
  • Write a review of the software. Highlight what you think works well and what could be improved.


M'n therapeutische schoenen. Ik beoefen geen sport, maar maak regelmatig een fikse wandeling. Ik schat dat er al wel 1000 kilometer op zit. De omgeving is mooi hier. We wonen aan de rand van het dorp, één keer de grote weg oversteken en je bent op de hei en in het bos.

Sorting the big ones

Large black and white prints on the table and the floor.

A relatively short session at the studio this evening. Sorting the big ones. Reviewing the large format pieces in preparation for the exhibition. Trying to get an idea of what’s all there takes up quite a bit of space.

Good thing I did tear up some pieces and threw them away. That always helps. Not having an undo function available can be very refreshing at times. That’s also why I draw with pen, not pencil, it forces direct decisiveness.

Experiments to nowhere in particular

monotyping examples

“Attachment to outcome is the biggest obstacle to creativity. As soon as you become attached to a specific outcome, you feel compelled to control and manipulate what you’re doing. And in the process you shut yourself off to other possibilities.”

Gordon MacKenzie