hoogdruk, diepdruk, indruk
Evolve Drupal 8, faster
look up the documentary on youtube
Van nu naar beter, altoos
Multiples, multiples
Handwritten version of the mess of things
The map is not the territory
lab test illustration, druplicons in an erlenmeyer flask
Something something usability testing
Working towards a new conclusion
Note to self, mostly
Current RSS feed subscriptions
thumbnail collection of june 2012 posts on tumblr
POSSE is an abbreviation for Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere
And use a pen, not pencil.
4 handwritten index cards
This is a pretty radical change
Color reduced screengrab of youtube grid of recorded meetings
Topics du jour, how we work, where you can help, the usual
Wuivend gras in gouden avondzon
De beste camera is de camera die je bij je hebt
Concept map of the content workflow initiative
Must not make spelling mistakes or I have to start over again
3 generic target audiences: individual, small group, everybody
Tabula rasa is not an effective onboarding strategy
First thing, not things
iterate on the idea before implementation
Agree on why and what before figuring out the how