Designer job titles are many.
Bootstrapping UX design in your open source project.
He heard it on the internet.
Guiding principles for the LibreOffice design team
Using design to facilitate understanding.
What’s out there in open source design.
Terry Pratchett is a lot of fun.
Hand made in Hilversum, NL.
Jackson Pollocks Number 14: grey
Charles Handy got rhythm.
Picture of pen on paper scribbles
Exploring what the daily format might be.
Poster design for my exhibition.
A monotype drawing.
Van harte aanbevolen.
Large black and white prints on the table and the floor.
Not having an undo function available can be very refresing.
Monoprint over pen drawing
Scribble towards the light.
A small monoprint
monotyping examples
Attachment to outcome is the biggest obstacle to creativity.