Digital transformation

The umbrella term to rule all umbrella terms

The week before launch. The client sighs: “damn, this is hard”.

It's not about building websites. It’s about bringing (parts of) your business online. Designing and delivering digital services, all the time, every time.

Digital transformation” is now the umbrella term for this mega trend.

One old school approach that also has to change then is thinking and delivering in the format of campaigns. Periodically buying Facebook likes, Google keywords and all the rest for a small and temporary blip on your customer’s radar.

Distracting yourself with a sequence of short term fixes.

More sustainable value comes from the far less sexy work of improving what actually happens when the customer interacts with your goddamn brand. Are you making it easier? More understandable, consistent, forgiving?

Focus on building a continuous chain of small improvements.

Eventually, you’ll be able to advertise something that actually works. Imagine that.