Shippable units

Picture of pen on paper scribbles

Exploring what the daily format might be.

So what’s with the daily blogging all of a sudden?

I took on the #yourturnchallenge, so thanks to @sethgodin and @winniekao for providing the initial prompt. I’d been journaling, free writing 750 words on and off. The #yourturnchallenge was a good trigger to practice finding the shippable units in those exercises.

It was interesting to see I settled on a process quickly:

  1. Mindmap around a general topic or theme. Use pen and paper.
  2. There’d quickly be a particular area where the key words would extend into scribbled sentences.
  3. Go with the flow, so focus on that part, extend and add more detail, creating a first very rough draft
  4. Move over to text editor on the computer. Re-entering the same sentences means editing them on the fly as well
  5. Reorder sentences for flow and structure.
  6. Decide on wether to use a supporting image. If yes, find the image and prepare it for upload.
  7. Settle on a title for the post. Don’t fret about that too much.
  8. Another round of edits happens when entering the post into the website.
  9. Hit “Publish”. Congratulations!

Starting with pen on paper gives room to explore, doodle your thoughts. A text editor is too linear for that. I use digital mind mapping tools as well, but the analogue version is quicker and dirtier, which are both good things at the very beginning. Rewriting at least twice allows for tighter wording and a more coherent structure.