Influences and inspirations

Artists whose work resonates with me:


  • Dave McKean – Formative. Discovered his work while in art school. Early days of Photoshop: Mixed media, collage and great drawing combined. Signal to Noise, Mr. Punch, Pictures that Tick,…
  • Bill Sienkiewicz – One of the very best. Very expressive drawing, and painterly use of color, from sweet and subtle to super aggressive.
  • Ralph Steadman – Again, very expressive ink. The public library in Rotterdam had his I, Leonardo, which I kept lending.

Painting, etc.

  • Marcel Duchamp – Nude descending a staircase, for blending the multi-facetted perspectives of cubism with the dynamic sense of movement of futurism. And The Large Glass, a completely unique and complex piece.
  • Constant – New Babylon. “His utopian New Babylon project proposes an ideal worldwide city of the future in which rapid change is a key assumption and life is to be lived ‘vertically’. Designed to be flexible, its buildings will form a network of structures supported on pillars and extending all over Europe.”
  • Also: Peter Doig, Pierre Bonnard


  • Metal – Rush and Opeth for intricate epics, Mastodon, Slayer and Morbid Angel for unbridled energy
  • Electronic – Hugely impressed by Burial. Ken Ishii (Extra),
  • Jazz – Cannonball Adderley for eloquence and groove. Charles Mingus.
  • Hiphop – Dr. Octagon, Cannibal Ox, DJ Spinna…


  • William Burroughs – Naked Lunch, his work with Brion Gysin, textual collage, cut-up, sampling
  • Alan Watts – “The whole secret of life and of creative energy consists in flowing with gravity.”

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