Sorting the big ones

Large black and white prints on the table and the floor.

Not having an undo function available can be very refresing.

A relatively short session at the studio this evening. Sorting the big ones. Reviewing the large format pieces in preparation for the exhibition. Trying to get an idea of what’s all there takes up quite a bit of space.

Good thing I did tear up some pieces and threw them away. That always helps. Not having an undo function available can be very refreshing at times. That’s also why I draw with pen, not pencil, it forces direct decisiveness.

So first pass is going through the whole stack and removing the ones that don’t belong or just aren’t good enough. Throw some away, keep some in a separate stack “needs work”. Maybe something can be added to make them interesting still.

Next step is grouping alike pieces. Etchings with etchings, figurative ones over there, monoprinted packaging ones over there. Four or five groupings emerged. Interesting.

Then, sort the pieces within each stack, most interesting ones on top. Another couple prints get removed from the selection. Nice.

Finally, fold a sheet over each stack to keep the groupings intact. Stack everything again and back into the drawer they go.

Yep, shuffling papers around, basically.

I'll probably hang only a small number of these, but selecting, grouping and ordering them allows me to see the overall arc of how the work has evolved over time. Having that big picture view will help make the eventual selections.