The one constant

Finally, a solo exhibition of my print work in March this year.

The one constant in my life is drawing. So much easier for me to sketch, diagram, draw what I mean then using words.

I apply this drawing skill to bring clarity and understanding to complex problems. I’m a digital architect, interaction designer, applying the craft of design to find answers to given problems. Visualising things brings clarity to complex issues and creates a shared understanding.

About five years ago, I started producing my own personal images using a very messy and analogue technique. Print making. Etchings and monoprints, specifically.

My drawing used to be figurative, cartoony even. It’s been surprising and exciting to find that I’m producing abstract works.

Print making is a very analogue and slow way of producing images. It allows for experimentation, play, discovery. And the biggest personal victory in this is being able to take the results seriously. There is no external, pre-defined problem that I’m asked to solve. These works are personal explorations of my inner domains. If applied design is about finding answers, then art is about posing interesting questions.

I’ve doing this for the last five years, without deliberately seeking much exposure. Snapshots are posted to Tumblr. A small selection is on my site. A couple of weeks ago, I finally set a specific date on showing my work. March 1st I’ll be showing a selection of my prints in a solo exhibition at the Grafisch Atelier Hilversum.

Still many interesting questions to ask and answer in selecting the work and presenting the work. I’m curious to find out what will be shown.