Gezamenlijke tekening
Veel is goed (pics to follow)
Very first world problem indeed.
4 afdrukken met telkens een laag erbij. Gele achtergrondvlakken, donkerblauwe letters, rode vlakken
Onderdeel van de drukkersroute in ontwikkeling
6 variations on a component
reuse! resist!
large format improvisations
Engage monster
The umbrella term to rule all umbrella terms
From the Odyssey of Homer translated from the Greek by T. E. Lawrence
Plan, decide, act. Repeat.
Opening op zondag 2 oktober om 15.00 uur
6 abstract monotype prints, in portrait, one with a yellow redish background
Simili japon ftw
3 rows of 10 crossed out cells, another with 7 crossed outs and a dot in cell eight
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