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6 abstract monotype prints, in portrait, one with a yellow redish background
Simili japon ftw
3 rows of 10 crossed out cells, another with 7 crossed outs and a dot in cell eight
37 daily blog posts
climb this hill a bit more or try for another one?
Verken je fitness landschap
Initiatives > ? > Doable chunks + customer value
Looking forward to meetings
“Kevin, talk sample content to me”
picture of the covers of the two books that bundle the four parts.
Severian betrays his order by showing mercy…
with reggae music
trade-offs. you have to make them
components before templates
uxcamp session 1
A platform needs a killer app
hoogdruk, diepdruk, indruk
Evolve Drupal 8, faster
look up the documentary on youtube
Van nu naar beter, altoos
Multiples, multiples
Handwritten version of the mess of things
The map is not the territory