Drupal 8 has a redesigned content creation page. This is how it came to be.
2016 printmaking has started
Where Drupal does not meet people’s expectations of how things are done:
Drawing, then printing
White lines and text on black background with photos of slides pasted in.
Mind, heart, body. What kind of invitation am I to others?
Kleine tekening van ouders langs de lijn bij het voetbalveld, op rood papier.
3-0 voor gestaan, toch 5-8 verloren
Op het perron, in de coupe
Cozyness on top of a street light.
Over de lol en het avontuur van inkt op papier.
Hier, dit heb ik gemaakt. Het is goed werk.
Sorting out the small prints.
Stacks exhibition poster
etsen en monoprints van roy scholten
Only four. It’s a start.
Preview has a handy hidden toolset.
Introduce yourself (right on!)
Designer job titles are many.
Bootstrapping UX design in your open source project.
He heard it on the internet.
Guiding principles for the LibreOffice design team
Using design to facilitate understanding.
What’s out there in open source design.
Terry Pratchett is a lot of fun.